It was only a week before my mom was to come for a visit that I decided I wanted to do my quick makeover of the master bedroom and bathroom for her. After a week-long burning-the-midnight-oil marathon of stripping old wallpaper, hanging new wallpaper, and painting into the wee hours of the morning, I decided to leave my paint tray and spent roller just outside the bathroom door to deal with the next morning.

This is what I woke up to:

I'm not sure why I thought my cats would have the common sense not to walk through the paint tray but apparently I gave them too much credit! I was furious--at myself for being so stupid and at the culprit for such a senseless act of vandalism--especially after I realized the paint was so dry it wasn't going to come off! I examined the prints of the suspected perps and conducted a few interviews but no one was talking. I had used oil-based paint on the floor and I had no time for a new coat to dry so I had no choice but to leave it until after mom's visit.

I guess you have to keep a sense of humor when you're going through this process. The perfectionist in me quickly "let go" of this as an accident. The footprints on the floor have become great conversation piece. I'll undoubtedly deal with this a some point when I do more major renovations but, for now, the "incident" has become part of the history of my old house.