At the top of the stairs, the guest bedroom sits to the left at the front of the house. This is where the green carpet and pink wallpaper turned to the trendier peach wallpaper.
The dresser was left behind by the former owner at my request.
This is another shot of the room opposite the front windows.
And another photo from inside the room looking out toward the stairs. The very shallow closet has had the back removed so you can access the middle bedroom which, along with the glass door, is one the mysteries of the house.
I decided to use wallpaper again in my quick makeover. With wallpaper in the back (master) bedroom, I felt wallpaper was needed as a balance. I switched out the ceiling fan for a Moravian star and hung new cotton voile sheers on black wrought iron rods placed up by the ceiling rather than down at the window trim. I'm not completely in love with the result but there's something about the room that really sparkles.
Here's the dresser that was left behind. It's a little beat up but I love the curved front so I may paint it at some point. I'm not in love with the modern sconces from my old loft apartment, particularly with the Civil War era mirror so this needs some tweaking.
Here's a view from the front corner of the room looking back toward the closet, the front hallway and stairs. I hung a curtain inside the glass closet door just to provide a little privacy from the middle room. I need a little sconce on the wall by the bed.
And finally this is from the closet looking toward the front of the house. There's a vintage braided rug by the bed and an antique quilt for color on the bed. The chair (with the cat) is an extra dining room chair. I'd love a nice wingback or something like that for a guest to sit in and read but I want to buy too much new furniture right now. Between the two windows is a wooden sculpture by one of my favorite Cape Cod artists.