I find the idea of using an architect a little intimidating. I don't want to build "Falling Water" or anything, I just need a little help restoring my front porch and maybe coming up with a few alternatives for modernizing my interior. So how do I go about choosing one?

I was a big fan of "Cottage Living"--had to take a mental health day when I learned they were ceasing publication--but I distinctly remember a Greek Revival house right here in Cambridge that was renovated by a local architect. I remember it not only because it was local, I remember I looked up the architect--his name was Tittmann--to see where he lived so I could go see it in person. (Yes, I'm a house stalker!) And I remember because I drooled on myself when I was looking through the pages.

So I googled "Tittmann Architect Cambridge" and found them. The firm name is Albert Righter & Tittmann and they're actually in Boston. Their website can be found here but below are a few pictures of their eye candy-- er, work.
This is the house I remember appearing in "Cottage Living." I'm drooling again.
A house with a crown? How absolutely majestic is that?
Another amazing Greek Revival. I love those little windows up on the freize.
Drooling again over this modern farmhouse!
All that's missing from this beauty is a wide open ocean view which I would bet is hiding just on the other side!

After seeing their work, I would bet my porch restoration isn't exactly the exciting project they're looking for. I guess I'll keep looking.