After leaving Danish Country Antiques, I stopped into Churchill & White (no website yet) a few doors down that seems to focus on chandaliers, lamps and accessories. There was an incredible selection of antique lighting but I was really taken with the beautiful convex sunburst mirrors.
This large one below was probably four feet across. And it's all metal so I can't even imagine how much it weighs.
These were certainly nice to see but I was hoping for a black-framed mirror so I headed down the street.
Upstairs Downstairs (also no website) is a quaint little shop that seemed to have a nice selection of moderately priced vintage and antique items. I've always loved this pond boats/ship models and this one was a beauty.
But my favorite piece was this barley twist table. It's not my favorite color wood but I love the legs and graceful curves of the apron.
My last stop was a shop that carried very formal, highly decorated pieces but this HUGE clock face was the star of the show. You can take this beauty home for $14,500.
Or this smaller model might suit you better for $8500.
But I think I need to go back and buy something. I just can't leave it behind.