You may remember this chest from the antique warehouse on Cape Cod. I wasn't sure it would work in the living room but I loved its lines and for $38, I figured I could use it somewhere in the house. I immediately thought it was a little too large for the space so I took off the wheels which helped a little bit.
I put it in place with a few things on top just to live with it for a little while. Here's my vintage fan that I bought on etsy and a sculpture by Provincetown artist Mike Wright.
But check out the alligatored finish on the chest. And I have the feeling that the pulls are old kitchen cabinet pulls. I'm not sure they're perfect but I don't hate them and I like the dark bronze color.
So now I get to play with this little vignette. Here I've added a few things to bring in some color. I like the addition of color but these things just aren't really working together.
So here's another option that brings in color. My granny smith apples, a little mid-Century collage and a vintage pitcher. I think it's got a nice vintage feel but the sizes are off and I don't just think it's the right feel for this room.
But here's an option that is feeling more like a fit. The vintage fan, an old carved candlestick that I turned into a lamp, a little abstract drawing in an ornate gold frame and little brown speckled vase. I think the variation is sizes, shapes and textures is nice.
I'm happy with this for now so I'll let it stay and see how it feels for a few days. I'm pulling some other artwork together from around the house, having some framed, my convex mirror has arrived, and I'm expecting some new pillow covers and a lamp from Pottery Barn that should go into the room.
I still haven't done anything about getting the roman blinds made but hopefully I can pull everything together over the next few weeks and you can take another look at a more finished room.