(Not my dining room)
The day I painted my living room, I moved most of the furniture into the adjacent dining room. Below is a "before" photo taken from the living room looking through the dining room. And here you're getting your first peek at my sad kitchen.
And below is the same view after stripping the wallpaper, painting everything and moving my furniture in.
Here's a "before" shot of the dining room itself. The wall with the door is the wall that separates the living room from the dining room. I would love to open this up at some point but there's a chimney that runs up through the center of the house so it's a really big job.
And below is the room after stripping the wallpaper, painting, hanging new curtains, switching out the ceiling fan with a chandelier...
...and moving in my furniture and hanging some artwork. I've never loved this room. It never felt quite right. I know part of the problem is my modern furniture and the bright green rustic sideboard, as much as I love it, didn't help matters.
But when I disassembled the table and moved the furniture from my living room into the dining room, even though it was terribly cramped, it suddenly started to feel right. It shouldn't be a dining room, it should be a multifunctional study, library, TV, dining room.
So I'm thinking something like the above room with a central table where I can have coffee in the morning while I watch the news, but with comfortable upholstered chairs where I can sit and read a book in the afternoon and enjoy dinner for a small group of friends on a Friday evening.
On the other end of my new room, I can see some cabinets for storage with some bookcases to display some of my collections. Kind of like the above room without the pink sofa.
This project is going to be a challenge. I haven't yet shown you the other side of the room where I demoed a few closets. It's a mess. Secondly, while I continue to save for my front porch project, my budget is basically zero. I'll need to get some new furniture at some point but let's see how much progress I can make with my collection of Home Depot, American Express and Pottery Barn gift cards I've received from friends and family and never remembered to take with me to the stores.