Janet from The Gardeners Cottage tagged me with a challenge to show the 6th photo I posted on my blog. Janet has been very supportive of my blog, my home improvements and of my personal challenge to see how long I can not eat meat so, maybe I'm high on tofu, but I'm happy to oblige.

The above photo was the first in a group of photos I was gathering as I was first talking to my architects and I was wondering what kind of kitchen would be appropriate for an historical house. I think I've gotten over needing to be so literally historical but I'm still in love with the idea of painted floors in the kitchen and perhaps in other rooms around the house. I continue to collect inspiration photos of painted floors so I'd thought I share a few more from the ones I've collected.

There's something about the combination of a painted design combined with the texture of individual floor boards that I find really attractive.

I've really been in love with yellow and white since I saw the floors in the studio of La Maison LaFourtune. I think this color combination automatically says vintage.

I also like this yellow and white take on macro gingham.

This black and taupe floor is a little dizzying but it shows that painted floors can also be elegant.

This stenciled yellow and white floor is fun. I think a twelve-inch border of white would make me love this.

I also love when part of a wood floor is left natural. It could really cleverly disguise a wood floor that's damaged in a few places. I am really intrigued by the design that left natural inside the larger areas of white paint. I wish I could see it better.

(Update: I found this shot in Flickr but I found the blog and more shots of this great floor here.)

Sometimes just a simple white painted floor is all it takes to be perfect. This is a Jonathan Adler design.

This room is way too much for me but I do love the floor. It's like s strappy quilt that has random pieces ordered by a perfect grid. This idea could be executed in a million different ways.

And I've saved my favorite few photos for a big finish. This Nancy Boszhardt interior uses stain to create a "rug" on the floor. I love this idea. And the hat rack it pretty darn cool too.

These last two photos are just beautiful rooms that just happen to have painted floors. It just goes to show that sometimes simpler is better.

This perfectly serene bedroom with misty blue-green walls and glistening ivory floors makes me want to revisit my guest bedroom. I've been thinking of glazing over the black and white wallpaper (can that be done?) and could I bring myself to paint the refinished floors?

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