I received my final exterior renovation plans from The Architects and my certified plot plan so decided to go over to the Building Department and start my application process. I expected that I would have to formally make the application and wait for a review of the plans for them to see that my front porch is "nonconforming" (because it's too close to the street) as per current zoning laws.

But as I was filling out the application and told them I knew I would have to get a variance to complete the work, the head of the department looked at plot plan...

...saw that I would have 5 feet, six inches between the new porch and sidewalk, I was immediately rejected. It's not a bad thing; it's exactly what I expected only it happened much faster than I anticipated....which is good. So I got the application for a variance and I can move forward with making my case.

In a way, I've never been so happy to be rejected!