Just in case you saw the post today over at The Polished Pebble, you're not having a deja vu. I guess today is Wendy Lewis day. When I saw Kelley's post, I thought I'd share few ideas I recently considered for a pillow I wanted to make for my mom for Mother's Day. When I saw this "MM" initialed grain sack with a flower in between at Wendy's Textile Trunk, I thought, Hey, that looks like it says "MOM"! My mom loves pillows and I thought this would make a perfect centerpiece for a pillow. So here a few options I considered for the pillow.
This red toile and the MOM sack were a perfect match.
Here were a few more nice complementary fabrics with a gray-green check that I think really worked with the palette in my mother's room.
Here was another option that I thought might work.
And here was the final choice. This softer color palette, minus the white, I thought was the perfect combination.
And here is the final product. Mom has a lot of things going on in her room and often changes comforters and quilts so even though there were a few fabrics being used, I thought this kept it pretty simple so it would work with almost anything.

The inside down pillow insert is covered in the floral and slipped into a "sleeve" that has the MOM grainsack on the front and gray-green check on the back with a simple tie on the side.
Mom is vacationing in Arizona so she hasn't seen it yet. I hope she likes it.