I got a letter from the Zoning Board of Appeals. My hearing is scheduled for just over TWO WEEKS FROM NOW! I had no idea it would be so fast. Does anyone have an Ativan?
I had to run over to the zoning board to pick up this sign this morning (late for work) and it needs to be posted on the front of my house for two weeks before the hearing and until I get a written decision from the board.

I have an appointment with the Historical Commission tomorrow (leaving early from work) to show them my plans. I'm hoping they like them and will write a letter of recommendation to the board. I've been taking a bunch of photos of other houses on the street that have a close setback to show that such a violation can still look nice. Actually I think the closeness adds to the historical character, don't you think?
Close and beautiful.
Closer and beautiful. (I think mine will be pretty close to this.)
You can't get much closer than this one.
This is one of my favorite houses.
Pretty darn close. I love that they painted their entire entryway black. I think it's really handsome.
Now this is just ridiculous. This makes me want to get on the board so I can I reject it. The paint doesn't even match. That should be some kind of violation right there.
Close and perfectly lovely.

Close and pink. Very pink. I probably wouldn't pick the paint but it does look pretty for the one week the tree is in bloom.And while I was taking pictures, I thought I snap a few quick ones of the garden so you can see how it's shaping up. On the back (chain link) fence of my neighbor's, they have an autumn clematis. I asked them if I could trim it. By the time I was done, there was almost nothing left. Oops.
And now it's all cut back, I kind of like seeing through it a little bit. Wouldn't something like an espaliered apple be cool?