I've seen so much on the blogs about David Austin roses this year, I had to go out an get one. It rained last night so I thought I'd shoot a few photos while the flowers were wet. I think they're even more beautiful--if that's possible--with water on them, and the frangrance just hangs in the heavy air. The yellow roses are the David Austin roses, called Charlotte, and the pink roses (not David Austin) are a climbing rose called Dream Weaver.

Please enjoy!

I have to say, the David Austin roses are gorgeous. In fact, I heard one of my neighbors outside one evening this week literally screaming "Oh, my god! Look at the gorgeous roses!" Even if I just brought the thing home from the nursery, I love that people appreciate my garden.
Up next are the coneflowers. I love how the petals on this echinacea pallida develop. I think they kind of look like cartoon characters at this stage. Even thought the petals are standing straight up in the air, eventually the long, skinny petals will dangle off the bottom of the cone. It's fun to see them change every day.

Have a great weekend.