Hello, peeps.  My new Marvin windows were installed today.  If you were following last spring when I started from scratch with my living room, you may remember this shot of the living room just after I painted it.  The two windows on the left are on the front of the house and they're being expanded down to the baseboard.

The old vinyl replacements windows easily popped out of the frames....

...and the frames were quick to follow.  The window sills are quite chunky - not something you can buy today - so they're going to be used to replace two rotten sills on the garden side.  The new windows have their own but they're really thin so we're going to add an additional piece underneath them so they match all the others.

Sam is cutting the window openings back.  You can see the baseboard cap has been removed.  The new interior window sill, or stool I'm told it's called, will sit right on the baseboard. 

Both openings are enlarged.  Here you also get a first glimpse of the new skirt under the porch.  It just needs a little more trim work.

The top of the old windows were slightly lower than the top of the door so Jerad is installing new headers at the top and bottom so everything lines up along the top.

One down, one to go.

And here they are.  You can also see that the beadboard ceiling is installed.

Here they are from the inside.  The window casings no longer fit so I need to get new ones.  I couldn't find a stock casing that's anywhere close to my original 1842 casings BUT I looked through the catalog of a local millwright and found a blade for a casing that someone else had made that's VERY close.  Not exact but close enough that it's acceptable to me.  

So I can place a custom order for enough casings for these two windows and the front door for about $150 more than stock casings that wouldn't match.  I think that's an extra cost that makes sense.  

And here's what the house looks like from across the street.

For the first time, it looks like a Greek Revival to me.