Even from the earliest stages of the exterior and front porch project, I've wanted to see the columns in place.  They're an icon that set the tone for the whole exterior.  My long-awaited vision was realized as I rounded the corner on my walk home from work last night.

The columns are installed!

Despite all the colors and different materials, it finally looks like the house I dreamed of when I first saw it.

I think it's been difficult for neighbors to understand where I was going too.  Several of them were out on the street watching as the last column went in. 

The house is suddenly getting a lot of attention.  Cars are stopping as they drive by.  Neighbors are standing outside looking....taking pictures...asking questions about how I chose the details.  I'm pleased that people are interested.

Even more unbelievable (and amusing) I just met a neighbor who lives four houses away across the street who after 31 years on the street says she "noticed" my house for the first time.  She never realized what beautiful windows I had.   I didn't let on.   Hahaha!!!

The painters are supposed to arrive on Monday.  This may be your last view until the final reveal.

Happy weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians!  Happy Columbus Day to the Americans.    Happy Spring to the Southern Hemisphere.