It rained all week -- very little got done on the house -- so the sun was a welcome visitor today which is Cambridgeport History Day.  There are a great number of history related events throughout the weekend...

...but my favorite is the "If This House Could Talk" tour.

The tour is created by the residents of the neighborhood who volunteer to write just a few simple interesting sentences about their house.

It could be anything about the house or its residents, past or present.

It's also a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the last of the fall flowers...

...and maybe "see" a few things you might not notice when you're walking on your way to work.

I love these old plaques in the sidewalk above some of the storm drains.

How can you not love this?

It might seem like a odd time for me to put my house on a tour of homes but when a neighbor invited me to participate, I thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight my restoration.

The tour revolves around Dana Park which is centered in the middle of the neighborhood.  A map of the 105 participating homes is available as well a variety of historical maps so residents can find their home, and former owners' names, on the old maps.

This particular map from 1830 is just as the neighborhood was being developed.  All of the darkened areas were tidal swamps along the Charles River.   These were prolific oyster beds at the time. 

All of the tidal swamps were filled, new streets were laid out and homes were built.

Many of the residents of the lower 'port say they still find oyster shells in the ground when they dig in their yards.

I love this event not only because it's easy for everyone to become involved but it raises awareness of the rich history of our neighborhood and makes residents aware that they're part of that history.

The event lasts through next weekend.  What a beautiful day it was to kick it off.