Although the sun was shining for the beginning of the "If This House Could Talk" tour, the clouds came back on Sunday and it's been raining ever since.  Sam spent the week up on a ladder in the rain watching how water ran off the old drip edge.  I hadn't intended doing too much with the gutters and/fascia underneath it, but after watching the water pouring behind the gutters and behind the fascia into the soffits in places, Sam took it upon himself to start pulling things off to correct the issues.

It's not a big job or a big added expense but dealing with the drip edge is tricky without messing with the roof.  The solution was a thin strip of wood (seen with white primer) tucked behind the drip edge.  The gutter will mount just under the white strip of wood and ensure that water goes into the gutter.

The old attic vent was also replaced...

...with this new one that Sam built in this shop.

The tree people arrived to trim the tree.

It cost $200 to have the city reserve two parking spots on the street in front of my house so the limbs wouldn't fall on cars.

This was the tree before...

...and this is the after.

I guess it's like a bad haircut.  It's a little upsetting when it happens.  But it grows back.  Hopefully.

I went in to work late after watching the tree trimming...

...and came home to a new door.   

The whole unit was built in Sam's shop and put into place in a few hours.  The door looks pretty plastic painted with gray primer but it's wood....I swear.  The sidelights are filled in temporarily with plywood.  Doesn't the mahogany deck look great when it's wet?

The remaining cedar plank siding can now be finished.  Hopefully the rain will stop and the painting can  start before it gets too cold.  It's getting very close to being too late.

Cross your fingers for a few warm, dry weeks.