Eddie and Jaithan commented on my last post saying that they "lovie"d my finds from Maine and invited me to check out Eddie's holiday decorating videos and his $250 giveaway from Sears and K-mart.

After watching Eddie turn this...

Above photos:  Eddie Ross blog

...into this, I was inspired to do a little decorating of my own.

I added a blue spruce and cedar wreath with pine cones and pepper berries to the front door... 

...and a garland of pine and cedar with simple white lights along the top of the porch.

I love white lights in the wintertime.  It's seems like we have so little daylight, it's nice to come home to the lights on the outside of the house.  I have mine plugged into a photosensitive timer that turns them on automatically at dusk and leaves them on for 7 hours.  Trouble free.

The lit garland held up by the columns seems perfect.

I think a single candle in the upstairs windows would finish it off.

And the onion light bathes the wreath beautifully in light.

If you could use a little inspiration for your outdoor decor, check out Eddie Ross' video.

Don't forget to check out the $250 giveaway on Eddie's blog.  Learn more about it here.

If the video will not play, click here.

And happy decorating.