The Spread at the Holiday Breakfast Party          styling : jenny hobick  |  photo credit : charles richard photography
Fancy Dinner Parties and Festive Cocktail Parties can be a lot of work.  This Holiday Season, why not host your friends for a relaxed Cozy Christmas Breakfast?  For this Holiday Breakfast, I prepared everyone's comfort food favorites : Banana Pecan Pancakes, Herbed Scrambled Eggs and Maple Glazed Thick-cut Bacon.  Add hot coffee and some fresh fruit (clementines pictured) and you've got a party!

Banana Pecan Pancakes                                          styling : jenny hobick  |  photo credit : charles richard photography
 I made the pancakes a little more special by stacking them on a cake stand - they really become the centerpiece of the party.  Get my Banana Pecan Pancakes recipe here.

styling : jenny hobick  |  photo credit : charles richard photography
It's the simple things.  There's not many restaurants that serve Great Scrambled Eggs - they are quite hard to find, but when done right can be so delicious.  I love these creamy scrambled eggs - get the Recipe for my Herbed Scrambled Eggs here.  

photo credit : charles richard photography
Thanks to my friend Charles Richard for coming over for our fun food photo shoot!