As you might remember, last week I posted inspiration photos for my 'budget-friendly' bedroom makeover... here is the result!  The 'before' photo is on the left.   I spent a total $150.

One of the biggest finds for the room was this headboard.  I picked it up at a thrift shop in Waldo for $20.  I recovered it in a quilted cream fabric that cost $15.  I also created the needlepoint looking euro pillow cases and the accent pillow with the embroidered pheasants.   The brass lamp was also found at the thrift shop for $10. 

I put a sheer black glaze over our once 'mission' style dresser.  You might remember the color before was a brighter, reddish brown.  I spray painted the pulls with gold spray.  I LOVE how it turned out. 

These are the pillow cases I made.  I really loved the needlepoint looking fabric.  Also, I love that I can just change the cases of these pillows and change the entire room's accent color to, say, blue??  Maybe in the spring.

I reorganized the desk to be functional and less 'bed-side-table'-esque.

This chair adds a great feminine vibe to the room.  $10 at the Thrift shop.