My new dining room table is done so I've been busy moving things around and seeing how they look.

I love the pedestal of the table.  It's almost a like a tree stump.

And the top has been covered in zinc.  I love the reflection of the light from the windows and from the chandelier but it's a little too shiny.  It will oxidize and mellow with use or you can speed up the process with bleach.  I might just get some Clorox wipes and wipe it down a few times a week.  

I als0 had two zinc covered leaves made for the table so it will extend up to six feet long so I can have up to eight for dinner.

Here's a little look around the room.  This is one of the smallest rooms in the house.  9-1/2 feet by 11-1/2 feet.  It needs a paint job for sure.  This closet is the only closet other than the kitchen pantry on the first floor.  I definitely want to replace the door with an old four-panel door.

The chandelier was never really centered over the large rectangular table but it really wasn't noticeable.  Now that this smaller round table is directly under the light, it's obvious that it's not centered. I'm considering a long window seat or book cases on this back wall in front of the window.  Not only will it center the table in the room, either would provide much needed storage.

The green antique chest is about the right depth to correct the asymmetry but I don't think it has a place in my new vision for the room.

I've you've been following me since the beginning, you may remember this photo.

I was considering turning the dining room into a study with a center pedestal table that could be used for dinner guests.

I'm envisioning cabinets flanking the window with a window seat between and bookcases or shelves that go up to the ceiling on each side of the window.  I could also bring my wingbacks into the room and make the study that I've long dreamed of.