I've been working with The Architects again to finalize the plans for the new bathrooms and kitchen.  It made me realize that I've never shown this room.  So here it is.
The master bath is at the very back of the house.  Actually calling it the "master bath" is generous.  It's more of a museum devoted to design of the 1940s.
This is what it looked like when I bought the house.  It had the same color scheme as the master bedroom.
The Mastrullo's daughter said her father added these bathrooms when he bought the house in 1940.  Notice the plumbing is exposed.  Also notice that the sink has no trap in the drain pipe.  I hope you don't need  blow dryer because there's no outlet.
I gave this room a quick facelift until I could establish my overall plans for the house and save enough money to tackle these major projects.
You can't go wrong with a few coats of white paint.  
The clawfoot tub is painted BM Iron Gate which is a dark grayish brown and I love how it draws attention to the tub.

Just inside the door, a pair of vintage shoe lasts have been repurposed as clothes hooks.  The pink and orange flowered wallpaper has been replaced with a simple wide gray and white striped wallpaper.
The white is Decorator's White which seemed to match the white in the wallpaper quite well.
The tub must have been seldom used.  It's in pristine condition.
I added a white canvas roman blind and topped the window with a whimsical wooden valance I found in an antique shop.  Since I typically give up this bedroom and bathroom for guests, a vintage coffee pot holds items a guest may have forgotten.  New toothbrushes and trial sized toothpaste, floss, deodorant and moisturizers.   
The valance reminds me of water droplets but the bottom shapes also remind me of shoes which gave me the idea for the shoe forms on the other end of the room.
The valance was originally green.  I just gave it a few coats of brown and white paint and distressed it to make it fit in.
A small shelf holds a few decorative items.  An old mirror, a sea sponge, some bottles with coral and sea shells.  Above the mirror is an abacus.  I don't know why.  I like  the colors and pattern it provides but the beads are almost like puka shells.  Remember those?
The bottles were made by Artie of Color Outside the Lines.  If you don't know Artie or his blog, you should check it out.  Aren't these bottles great?  I love the marriage of the old glass and the coral and shells.  It seems like something that could occur naturally in the sea.    
My original plan for the bathroom was to expand into the closet to the left to create a large shower.  A new wider door would be moved to the center of this wall where a new sink would be centered on the back wall where the tub is.  And the toilet would stay where it is to the right.  A new closet was going to be carved out of the adjacent middle bedroom.
I've since come to the conclusion that I can't give up closets and I need to stay within the boundaries of the present bathroom.  The door will still be moved to the right to create room for the 4-foot by 3-foot shower.  Not grand but good enough.  If I put in some nice finishes, I think it will look great.