Photo:  Urban Cottage
Bergenia cordifolia

Hi, I'm Bergenia but you can call me Pig Squeak.

The Bergenia has been in bloom for the past week.   It's amazing how quickly the flowers rise from underneath the leaves.  It didn't bloom last year so I was thrilled to see the light pink buds emerging from the waxy leaves.  It also looks to be spreading quite nicely from the two plants in added two years ago.

Photo:  Urban Cottage

I find this a rather odd plant to be growing in New England because I think it looks tropical.

The squirrels finished off my crocuses when they bloomed this spring.  I give up on them.   So this will be my early bloomer from here on in.

For those who asked about the pots in my last post...

They're zinc pots from White Flower Farmhouse.  Found here.