By the middle of last week, the center of the house was a disaster. 

The portion of the original floor under the closets was, I believe, the original staircase to the basement (under the second staircase).  The joists that filled in that space were really insufficient for a bathroom so everything got ripped out and replaced.  New engineered joists were sistered alongside a few of the other old joists  just to better carry the weight of a tub full of water. 

By the end of the week, I would get up in the morning, go out my front door, down the sidewalk to the little alleyway, through the arbor and in the back door to take a shower.  The blogarazzi missed their chance to catch me walking down the alley in my PJs and bedhead.  This little charade prevented a battle with the cats who hate the temporary door being closed and sit nearby on high alert waiting for a chance to escape and roll around in the dusty mess.  

But things are looking a little better now.  I did a major cleaning on Friday night so I could use the kitchen for the weekend. 

Here's one side of the kitchen before.

And here's we are as of Sunday.  I had to push the stove down about an inch but I was able to squeeze the dishwasher right into place.   

The center table which is much-needed work space is about a foot too big and I'm going to have to find a solution until I can get to (afford) redoing the kitchen.


Here's the "before" of door on the kitchen-dining room wall.

And here's what that looks like now.  There's a sight line all the way down to the front windows in the living room which I what I love about the upstairs.  A few of you had some suggestions when you saw the floor plans and I'm really considering implementing those ideas.  You are all SO smart!

Here is the view from the living room looking back to the kitchen before.

And here it is now.  The door to the bathroom foyer is on the right.  I can't wait to get that window in there.  Having light come in from both sides of the house will be amazing.

When I first saw what this looked like, I totally freaked out.  I put in an emergency e-mail to The Architects.  Like they could fix it.  I've calmed down a bit and I'm actually liking it.  It's a good thing because I haven't heard back from the slackers.

This was the view looking in to the kitchen before.

I've always detested those double doors but the view is less dated than having to see that sink area from the living room.  In the end, this will look straight down a new kitchen island to the range and range hood which I hope to be a very attractive one.  Flanking that will be glass fronted cabinets with all my nicest serving peices.  It should look great.

Hoping to finish up this messy work so I can take a break in the work for the summer.