Last year I did a post on Ferol Warthen and the Provincetown print.  Her work is very scarce so I feel lucky to have one of her little prints (about 2x3 inches) entitled "Violets."  When mom and I were in Provincetown a few days ago, we visited the museum and I was thrilled to see...

...her original woodblock for the print.   I still think the blocks are as lovely as the prints.

Here are a few other random photos from our day in P'town.

Painting by Byron Browne at PAAM.

Penelope Jencks "Stuck" sculpture at PAAM.

The gardens were beautiful.

The next several paintings were ones that mom loved.  She made me take the photos so I thought I'd share them.  Our tastes are very different but the things she chose are still very lovely.

You can frequently see the charming seaside cottages...

...depicted in paintings in the town's many art galleries.  (I wonder if the owners find it weird?)

We enjoyed all the beautiful homes and gardens.

The quaint shops.

A little local color.

A place to sit and enjoy the artwork at Julie Heller East Gallery.

And a walk by John Derian's house.  

I first noticed this 1796 house when it went up for sale a few years ago.  It had great bones and amazing view of the harbor but was in desperate need of restoration.  It's been nice to see it come back to life.  See inside photos on Martha's website here.  It's very crusty chic.  I love it.

This was the only day during mom's visit that it didn't rain, so this was a great day.