Mom arrives this week.  It took me longer than I expected to make it through the guest bedroom redo.  It took me about a day each to tape up, prime, paint, and clean up the windows and then hang the new window treatments.

I didn't start with a clear plan for what I wanted to do but the room was inspired two things.  First, the bright yellow toile bedding I bought several years ago because I thought it was really unusual...

...and this large collage I've had for several years but never found a place for in this house.   Artwork is really personal and this large artwork may not appeal to a lot of people.  It's a very bright, bold piece and although the yellow toile was soft and pretty, I thought its color was bright enough to hold its own.

As you can see, I've moved the bed from the other room and placed it in front of the window.   It was interesting to read everyone's comments on this subject.  Some didn't mind it, some liked it and others thought it is a crime against humanity.  I thought it made sense for a few reasons.

In its former position, the bed acted as a barrier to walking into the room.  Its height also blocked about a third of the window.

By bringing in the platform bed from the other room,  the low headboard covers only a bit more of the window, but the lower bed takes up much less volume in the room, and you're now able to walk right into the room rather than do-si-do around the bed.  (The old bed has a new owner and has gone to live its new family.)

I also find the symmetry of having the bed centered in the room, much more calming.  Everything is much more resolved for me.  Call me crazy.

(For the Feng Shui people, I did my due diligence and I think I'm okay.  The bed isn't supposed to be in line with the door.  The bed faces the wall on which the door is placed, but it's not in line.  There always seems to be a remedy so if you have any concerns, feel free to comment.)

I put one of the Louis chairs between the windows...

...and hung a small painting above it.  This piece is by Henry Botkin and is a collage of painted papers from 1961.

Closeup of the Botkin painting.

On one side of the bed, I've placed this barley twist table.  This was a piece that in the middle bedroom.  I've haven't figured out the lamps.  I thought I might want a red lamp to help balance the color in the artwork.  I placed this wooded sculpture in front of an old amp just to see how some color light look on this side of the room.   The sculpture is by Provincetown artist Mike Wright.  It has a modernist feel but it's contemporary.

The little footstool on the shelf below was my grandmother's.  It would be something familiar and for any one of family that might be visiting and help make them feel at home.

I later swapped out that lamp and hung the sculpture on the wall.  I'll find the perfect lamps sometime but this is fine for now.

I found an old feed sack that works with the color scheme and I've placed that on the Louis chair.  I still can't figure out what I want to do with these chairs but I do like this circular graphic on the seat.  I know, it's a little bizarre.

But kind of fun with the toile at the same time.

On the dresser, I've put two large pineapple finials.  One of these was in the living room.  These are cast iron relics from the 1920s and used to top old street lights.   For now,  I've set this drawing, a grid of scribbled dots, by Maine artist/dealer/collector Corey Daniels. 

It's a modern piece in an antique frame with beautifully wavy glass.  I love the piece itself but I think I would like something much larger for here.  I tried that big mirror horizontally but it's way too big.  It's another thing I'll know when I find it.

Other than the yellow toile bedskirt and shams, all the bedding is white.   The matelasse is a duvet cover but I've removed the down comforter and use it as a coverlet for summer.

The little "forgiven" pillow is from the etsy shop enhabiten.  It's filled with buckwheat hulls and lavender.  It thinks its message and scent promote calm and relaxation.  Liane from enhabiten is a New Hampshire artist who uses vintage fabrics and textiles to make simple, beautiful utilitarian goods such as pillows, bags, scarves, pincushions, etc.   She also has a blog.  Check out her cross pillows and balsam pillows; they're really beautiful.

On the other side of the bed, I've borrowed a pale yellow end table from the living room and a lamp.  I've matched the shades on both lamps with shades from Target.

Next to the lamp is a vintage Sputnik alarm clock, a magazine and some fresh flowers from the garden.

This single huge peony from the garden, along with some white verbena and a few pinks, is enough to fill the whole room with the scent of peony.   I think this simple arrangement is the perfect welcome for mom.

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