I recently heard that one of my neighbor's sons did landscaping work.  I don't claim to know much, if anything, about landscaping but I've always like to tinker and experiment with gardening.  But I thought I might a throw little work his way and asked him to clean up my front yard and replace the small holly bushes that had been broken by the mountain of snow last winter with some hydrangeas.

We discussed Limelight, Little Lime...

...Little Lamb and Annabelle as possibilities. 

I came home to find blue Endless Summer.

I've never been a fan of blue hydrangea for some reason.   I think they look wonderful en masse against the weathered gray shingles of an oceanfront house, but I think the true blue color seems out of place when mixed in a garden of other colors.

But maybe I'm changing my mind.


The intense blue is softening to pale greens and lavender.


Pale green with a blush of pink.  I think this one is simply amazing!

Just like you, they're getting more beautiful with age!

And they're a welcome visitor inside the house as well.