I'm feeling a little scattered with a few different little projects in progress.  I'm not sure why I can't focus on one thing at a time.  I really opened up a can of worms with the middle bedroom.  Breaking down the desk meant dealing with two file cabinets of stuff.  I hate getting rid of things but it's the perfect time to purge.  

I scrubbed the dirt off the bed.  Three hours later, it looked worse.  It was better dirty and it definitely needs painting.  

I painted the window in there which means I only have one window left to paint.  The window in the landing at the top of the stairs.

While we're here, I've had a lot of people ask what happened to the green chest that was in the dining room.  Here's proof that it's safe.  This piece is a Mexican antique.  One of my neighbors used to travel around Mexico quite a bit and she bought up painted pieces she loved and shipped them back here for her store.  This piece and the green console in my kitchen are from her last shipment.  It's tough to import things nowadays and travelling around Mexico isn't as safe as it once was.   

This last window would have been painted but the garden center was having a 50 percent off sale on hydrangeas. 

So I picked up a few Limelights...

...and a couple called Quickfire.

I've been pulling gathering fabrics for the daybed.

These will all be used.

In the meantime, I just learned about Spoonflower.com.  Do you know about it?  I guess I'm the last one to learn that you can upload designs and have your own fabric printed. 

I acquired some 1940s-1950s textile designs from a Provincetown artist and I've been trying to figure out a way to integrate them into my house.  This is one of the designs above.  I just need to figure out the repeat.  Meanwhile I'm addicted to uploading images to see what they look like on fabric.

My own Victorian chair print.

And remember this window from Salem?

This needs some tweaking but I think it would make a pretty cool fabric.

Last week I e-mailed Sam to tell him that the sliding doors on the bathroom and pantry were falling apart (they're about 30 years old) and asked would he thought about taking those out and replacing them with two salvaged four-panel doors I bought for the new bathrooms.

I came home from work yesterday and found this.  I don't even know what it's going to cost.

I've never really shown this bathroom.  Nothing good to show.  It's directly below the master bath with the clawfoot tub.  This was would have been the same but was made handicapped accessible sometime in the early '80s.  It has a curtain that closes over the door and it's actually a fantastic shower.  The problem is once you've taken a shower, you have to walk back and forth over the wet floor.  So the bathroom will eventually be moved to the new space I created at the top of the basement steps and this bathroom and the pantry will be demoed to expand the kitchen.

The doors will eventually go on my bedroom closet and upstairs bath no nothing goes to waste.  I'll be happy to have them here until that day comes.

It's supposed to be a cool, rainy weekend so I hope to get a lot accomplished.