I'm having a hard time with the fact that summer is almost over.  It doesn't help that this weekend was in the mid-80s and the past few days were in the low 60s.  I almost feel like putting the heat on!

Even my garden is taken off guard.  The morning glory are just starting to bloom.

The zinnias are just starting.

And my nasturtium have yet to bloom.  A cold June, and a hot and dry July really got everything off to a late start.   

A friend visited for the long weekend and helped me finish a few projects.  I've really been at a standstill with the spool bed since getting its new dark brown finish on.  I wanted the finished bed to be sofa height so using a box spring and mattress would have been too high.

So I've adapted it with a few cross braces that have legs.  And then I added 3/4-inch MDF...

....to create a really solid platform for a mattress.  

As with most things in the house, I like them to perform a dual purpose.  This baby is so sturdy, I can remove the mattress to create a stage...

...and reenact River Dance.  

Performances open October 7th with matinees on Sundays.  Reserve tickets now.