It's time to empty the summer planters to get them ready for fall.  The front faces northeast so it enjoys a few hours of early morning sun.  This year I tried a few Boston ferns for a simple bit of green at the front door.  I've never had luck with Boston ferns in the house but they thrived in the humidity outdoors.

I headed to the garden center thinking I'd get some burgundy mums but when I got there, I couldn't find the color I was looking for.  So I thought I try something a little different.

A grass, purple cabbage and a miniature purple petunia that will tolerate temperatures down to 30 degrees.

The grass is a perennial so as long as I get it in the ground before it freezes, it should be fine.  Under cover of the porch, I also think the petunias will last right up to Thanksgiving.

It's not your typical fall flower pots but I like them.

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