I got an anonymous comment today that my kitchen makeover was featured on Apartment Therapy's website called Re-Nest.  You can see it here.

At first I thought it was cool -- I was so excited I accidentally tweeted!-- but if you look at the website, it's jam packed full of ads.  It kind of reminds me of the pirate that stole my content to generate ad revenue.

What do you think?  Should I be flattered or are they just using my content?  They do provide links back to my blog.  (I should add that I just checked my stats and I got almost 2200 page views yesterday.  That's about 1200 more than a good day.)

And check out the redbegonia who commented it was nothing more than a paint job and a better photo!  It cracks me up but I'll have you know, redbegonia, this makeover cost $347!