Most of the leaves have fallen and we've already had our first snow.

The Christmas trees have arrived at the local garden center.

And my Zephyrine Drouhin rose is blooming?

The nasturtium is putting on a show right near the bittersweet?

One the next street over...

a cherry tree is coming into bloom?

...right next-door to a rose?

And my perennial geranium have started to bloom?

Despite the confusion, I pulled my frostbitten Dahlias to put them away for the winter.

Lavender, which can be a little intolerant to our severe winters...

...gets packed tightly with leaves for insulation.  

It's worked for three years so I don't mess with success.

Amaryllis "Lima"                                         Amaryliis "La Paz"

For the inside, I bought a few different Amaryllis bulbs
that I'll start every few weeks so I can pretend it's spring all winter long.

If Mother Nature can be confused, a few bulbs should work for me.