Custom Wrapped
 Wine is always a great gift.  When buying for a gift or a party, I like to buy bottles with pretty labels that coordinate with my event... I know, not the best way to buy wine!  To avoid bringing a bad bottle, here is a way to easily jazz up your wine bottle to make it appropriate for whatever your occasion.

I cut out a piece of kraft wrapping paper that wrapped all the way around the bottle and attached it with double stick tape.

You can use any paper - wrapping paper, cardstock or just white paper. 

I did the same with the satin ribbon, using double stick tape to secure it in the back. 

  For the label, I printed it out then rolled it through my Xyron sticker maker.  These would also be great customized with a message from you or your family.

If you don't have a Xyron, you can just double stick tape or glue it on.