After my Vignettes 101 post, a few of you left comments that you have really narrow ledges on mantels and have a really difficult time time getting them to look good.  When I was planting my first of three Amaryllis bulbs, I had an idea for a woodland inspired vignette that I thought would work on a narrow ledge.

Here are the items on my dining room table.  The amaryllis is planted in the brown crock topped with moss.  There are several little zinc pots that I purchased from Whiteflower Farmhouse with a little moss tucked in each one.  I took a few clippings off a Boston fern that's still sitting out on my back porch and added those to a few of the zinc pots.  It's finished off with a few vintage antler sheds and a sprinkling of  Japanese maple leaves for a little contrast.

By the way, these two amaryllis are named "Lima" on "La Paz" and they're available at Terrain.

And here it is set up on a six-and-a-half-inch ledge.

I ended up adding an even larger brass pitcher in the middle so I had more variety in the size of the elements.  I like how the color of the tarnished brass works with the frame and the antlers.  Even though everything is pretty much lined up in a row having the framed piece behind and the antlers tucked in gives a layered look.  I like mantel vignettes that are unsymmetrical but balanced and think this would look great on mantel for the holidays.

Don't have zinc pots?  Perhaps a few little terra cotta pots spray painted with a metallic finish.  No antlers?  Maybe you could get a few tender branches to weave in and out.  Red dogwood branches would be beautiful.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your narrow ledges.

Be back soon with a Thanksgiving post.