I swear...I just about had to do the limbo to get the cedar garland, the moon
and the attic window candle all in one shot.

But let's back up a bit.

On Sunday morning, I took a few swigs of courage, grabbed the ladder and cautiously popped my head up to make sure nothing was up there.  I think it's scary because when I was buying the house, the inspector said there was bat poop up there and it totally freaked me out.  The owner had an exterminator come who said no, absolutely no bats.  When I moved in, I heard things running around up there and called an extreminator to come check it out.  A family of squirrels had chewed their way in through the eaves and was running around under the floor boards.  They were evicted and the hole was patched.  But that's the whole story behind my irrational fear of the attic.

With a little bit of work, it could probably look like this...

...I'd put a ripped up Victorian sofa and several stacks of dusty books and The World of Interiors would be dying to get up there to do a photo shoot.  But for now, it's just creepy.

But back to the magic of Christmas. 

...I climbed up with my little helper spotting me on the ladder
and squeezed my butt through the tiny door...

...to place the candle in the window. 

Thankfully I can turn it on from downstairs with a little remote.

Et Voila!

And as the sun set...

...the sky turned a brilliant heavenly blue...

...and the Angel Gabriel appeared in a bright -- Oh, I guess that's just the moon. 

But I'm pretty sure that's the Star of Bethlehem to the left. 

I just love white lights in the dark of winter.

Here you can see the scale of my house next to the three-story Victorian next door.

All I need is a little snow for the perfect picture, but I'm not asking for any right now.

On to do the tree!