Did you ever click on a commenter's link and get taken to an entirely new blog universe where you don't know anyone?  That's just how I felt when I discovered the blog Lovely Etc. and found this post on these amazing stencilled floors that had 100 comments from people I've never met.

So, since I've been slacking off and have nothing to show you, why not go check out how Carrie ripped out her old carpet and transformed her subfloors into something really creative and beautiful on her Amazing Painted Floors post.  Please let her know I sent you by leaving 100 more comments.

I'd really like to try this on a finished floor so the wood shows through.  What do you think?

This seems like a pattern that would work well on a finished floor.  It doesn't cover a lot of the wood.  And what if you did it in stain or thin gel stain so the wood showed through.  It might look like this:

Go ahead and try it and let me know how it works out, okay?