I had to call an end to the plastering and sanding.  I could really obsess about how perfect things need to be.  I was pretty sure thigns were in pretty good shape but there's nothing better than a coat of primer on the walls to see what things really look like.

Plaster dust makes a pretty good hair product really.  Just add a little water and you can shape it any way you want; kind of like Play-do hair.  I'm sporting a faux-hawk today.   

See how the turquoise floor color bounces color up on the ceiling and ceiling fan?  It's really throwing all the color off.

My manager was on the lookout for holes and cracks.

The reason the wallpaper failed in here is the old (pink) paint surface actually split when the wallpaper paste dried so I had these gaps every 22 inches around the room.  (In the front bedroom, I painted the walls before I decided to put up wallpaper and that layer of latex paint seemed to have prevented that problem.)

I got most of these cracks filled but this is one I couldn't see until everything was primed.

My new ivory leather tufted headboard (from West Elm) is my "Barcelona chair" from the inspiration photos.  

Even though I had the intention this room would be very light...

... I thought it would be nice to see a dark value behind the headboard to highlight it.  This is the BM Fairview Taupe that I used on beadboard in the dining room bookshelves.  I'm not sure about it.

The draperies will be Pottery Barn Peyton linen in oatmeal and I'll be using a bamboo roman blind underneath.  I'm stealing them from the living room.  Not sure what I'll do in there.

Here's the headboard up against the taupe wall with the light fixture I bought.  I decided the fixture needed to be something old.  This will be a little "brooch" for the ceiling.  I like it all together but might have to live with it for a little bit.  I also need to get a coat of white paint on the floor because the turquoise floor is affecting the color of everything.

I've also been working on getting the door hardware and hinges off so I can strip everything. 

I chipped away at the paint to get at the screws.

I can't even begin to guess how many layers of paint on this.

And when I popped the plate off...

This was underneath and fell on the floor.  Is it a fishing fly?

I'm going to strip the hardware but wanted to make sure the door knob wasn't wood before I soak it for a few days.  I'm pretty sure it's porcelain or glass.  Hopefully it will be a nice surprise.


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