I'm making progress on the wallpaper stripping project.  Hope to be done tomorrow so I can start putting it back together.  

I don't have central air conditioning so I thought it might be nice to have a ceiling fan in this bedroom to help move air around on sticky nights.  I think it actually makes things worse and I never use it so I've been looking for a new fixture.  The ceiling are really low, about 7'4", so it's got to be pretty tight to the ceiling.  Have you ever looked for flush mount fixtures?  

They're heinous!

Send me some links if you have any ideas.  Maybe we'll have a little contest.

And speaking of contests, I'd like to sincerely thank the person that nominated me for a Homie award on Apartment Therapy.  You're my BFF!  I ended up finishing in the Top 60 out of almost 500 blogs!  I'm totally honored that so many people voted for me.  Thank you!  I knew there was little chance I would end up in the top 5 when there are so many blogs, and career bloggers, with thousands of followers.  I would have asked for your support but I wanted to save the favor for something bigger...

...oh, say, like a "This Old House" contest.

Yes, I've entered my exterior renovation in this year's "This Old House" Reader Remodel contest under the Curb Appeal section.  I would love it if you would support me by going to my entry, sliding the meter up to 100, and clicking submit.  No need to register or anything!

I learned from Karin from Life, In Small Chunks, who entered last year, that it's a straight-up popularity contest.  She didn't win but her kitchen remodel did make the magazine.

It seems like you can vote as many times as you'd like, so if you have any free time and you're bored with another game of Angry Birds, head on over and vote a few more times.  If anyone could post this to FB and/or tweet this post, I'd greatly appreciate it.

And don't forget to send my those flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting ideas!  I'll post my favorites and we can vote on them.  I've got a beautiful ceiling fan for the winner.