Yes, I'm still alive!

I apologize for the lack of action around here—I've been enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. It's been in the 80's with low humidity and nothing but sunshine. That means one thing in Florida: Spring is here!

To make our house a bit more festive for the season, I decided I needed something green. Then I saw this:


And this...


....and this:


And I had to have my own. So I headed to Joann's and grabbed my supplies: A large letter (D, for our last name) and roll of moss, which came to just over $20 after a 40% off one item coupon (the moss was expensive! $18 for a roll. The letter was cheap, I think $8). You'll also need hot glue and scissors.

I was quite excited about this project. Coming from a graphic design background, type has always been close to my heart. Typography was my favorite class in college, and I always have to walk by the aisle with big letters when I'm at craft stores. I'd been waiting for the day to do something with one for a long time.

Back at home, I laid out my supplies and got to work.

Step 1: Roll the moss flat and lay your letter down. Figure out the best configuration on how to cut your moss. Luckily, I was able to use one entire piece for my letter which made things a bit simpler.

I then traced my letter with a sharpie:

Cutting through this stuff was easier than I had expected (and I was using crappy scissors).

Once the main shape was cut out, I measured the depth of my letter, and cut a bunch of strips to size so I could wrap them around the sides.

Once everything was ready, I simply applied my hot glue (liberally) and smoothed everything down in place. I have no shots of this part because I couldn't risk the glue drying... but you get the idea, right?

This project is not at all as daunting as it may seem, because the moss is forgiving and easy to manipulate. Cut the moss too long? No problem, trim the edges. Too short? Easy fix, just break off a few pieces and glue it in place. The moss blends really well with each other so the seams aren't very visible, and it's easy to patch.

I had the perfect spot for it, too:

The wall is lonely no more.

And there you have it. Spring decor. (I think I'll keep it for a while though).

In other news, Santa Claus (aka the Ikea delivery truck) arrived yesterday.

They brought me this:

Do you like it? I think it's just what the room needed. It's actually what I've desperately needed since the day we moved in. This is the only full length mirror we own... so I've never left the house knowing what the bottom third of myself looked like. Crazy, right?

I'll still have to run into the living room every time I need to check my outfit, but it's better than nothing!

Full length mirror + big D = happy Jenna.

(...I know, that sounded horrible. You dirty minds.)

Off to start my weekend... hope you all get a chance to get out and enjoy some spring weather! I'll be back with more living room/sunroom and/or bedroom progress.


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