I should have my head examined.  Why can't I leave well enough alone?  Now I remember why I put up wallpaper.  The walls in this room are a wreck.  A little pattern hides a multitude of sins. 

But I can appreciate the decay.  It sets a mood and I thought I should try to capture it.

But I'm all done stripping the wallpaper.  The room looks like hell.

Can I just thank you for all the "This Old House" votes?  You guys are the best.  Thank you also for all your lighting suggestions.  I guess it wasn't fair to ask you to make recommendations without knowing where I'm going with the room.  Let me show you where my inspiration is coming from.

I recently saw this photo on Katie Rosenfeld's blog Bogle Street.  Katie's a local designer and if you don't know her, you have to check out her work.  She's a wonderful colorist.  Her home is also in this month's Better Homes & Gardens.

Anyway, I really like this living room from Nuevo Estilo magazine.  I know the photo is a few years old but I apparently live under a rock and had never seen it before.  I love anything by Mies van der Rohe and I've always wanted a pair of white Barcelona chairs, paired with a Gustavian chest.  I think they're great here mixed with the Louis chairs, modern coffee table, antique sideboard and ornate gold frames.  Love the shutters and the white floors but it does make it a little cold.

So let's add some drapes and a rug (I'm loving vintage Moroccan rugs lately) and a plant...

Tom Delavan, Traditional Home
...and maybe you've got this room.  

What kind of light would this room have?

Here are some of your suggestions.  I've listed the source and the name or a few keywords underneath in case anyone's dying for one of them.  And then I made up my own name for each one so we can talk about them.

Ballard Designs

The "Star." 

LBC Lighting - Cassini

The "Murano Flower."

Circa Lighting - Basil Flush Mount

The "St. Stephen Quatrefoil."

Installations Antiques - Industrial

The "Industrial Gear."

LightingCatalog.com -Maxim 21340DWUB

The "Bubble."

Lowe's - Alan & Roth Flush Mount

The "Lattice Drum."

The "Yellow Jacket."

Shades of Light - Gear

The "Gearhead."

Euro Lighting, Forecast Embarcadero

The "Stuck-Up Drum"

Visual Comfort - Thomas O'Brien Merchant

The "Bell Jar."

I also thought I would check out etsy to see if I could find anything vintage that would work.  Here's a 1930's flush mount light that's really pretty ugly but almost in a good way.  At least it has some authenticity to excuse its gaudiness.

The "Crusty Triplet."

Or how about this Jere-style fixture?  I've been dismayed by the return of brass. My mother had all that cheap brass crap on the wall growing up and now people are paying thousands of dollars for a Jere raindrops sculpture.  I guess I drank the brass kool-aid because I'm starting to like them.

I call this one the "Brutalist."

Ruth, of gin-and-paperwhites fame reminded me that we have to local shops that sell vintage and antique light fixtures.  They both do custom work so I might be able to take a little bit of this and little bit of that and make my own customer creation.  A Frankenfixture.

So, does anything move you?

Could you see any of these lights in that room?  

Pick your top two or three.   I'll do what you say.