How to Make a Pillow Case
without a zipper, in 10 minutes
As I confessed in my "Fresh Face for Spring" post, I like to replace my pillow cases in our living room every season.  As you might imagine, this could get quite expensive.  Yes, it could.  But not for me.  This Spring I made 2 cases for our living room out of 1/2 yard of fabric ($15) without any zippers or buttons.  The entire project took me 20 minutes for two pillows.  They completely transformed our living room from the dark days of Winter.  I encourage you to try it!  And so you actually do... Here's the DIY template I designed for you :

I made two versions - one with horizontal strips and one with vertical.

Measure the fabric so it 8 inches longer that twice the width.

And 1 inch longer than the length.

Fold back 2 inches on each side - fabric right side down. 

Now, flip the fabric right side up.  You'll sew the pillow inside out, then inverse it.

Be sure to press all of the seams- by the way, I love my Rowenta iron.  They are the best.

Sew the two side seams.


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