If you missed my earlier post on Stripping Hardware Without Harsh Chemicals, you can find it here

What a difference a day makes.  I thought I'd check on my stripping bath and take photos to show how the paint was softening up day by day, (that's why I have the "1 Day" sign) but they're looking pretty good already. 

See how the paint is all bubbled up?  Let's give them a test.

This is the knob that was on the back of the bathroom door.  

The majority of the paint slides tight off and my heart races!  I think I know what this knob is.

It's a Bennington knob or, probably more accurately, a Rockingham knob!  I've looked at them in antique salvage shops and I love them.  It's a porcelain knob with glazed finish "made to present a close imitation of the richest shell..." by the maker's own description.  Probably made in mid to late 1880s.

Isn't that amazing?  Can you imagine painting over it?  Was this like a harvest gold refrigerator at one time and someone decided painting it pink was a better idea?

Oh, I'd recommend wearing gloves.  I'm sure this is lead paint.  (Do as I say, not as I do.)

This is one I showed the other day.

All but the first coat just slides right off.

And, as I thought, it's white porcelain.  Not as handsome as the other one.  So someone used two old mismatched knobs and they just painted them -- hospital green -- to match.

One of the back plates.

Several layers come right off.  A few are left behind.  They're going back in to the bath.

Not a lot of work, right?

I wish stripping the door would be this easy.


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