If you are a regular follower or you've read the "About" section of this blog, then you know that I write about Occasions- more specifically, Everyday Occasions. 

What does exactly does this mean?

It means not waiting for 'special occasions' to celebrate life.   Everyday we have the opportunity to live well.

It means not waiting for the next period in your life to live thoughtfully and purposefully.  It means enjoying and recognizing little moments on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. 

It means that instead of sleeping in, getting up early for a sunrise walk.  Or instead of getting up early, sleeping in and stopping for an extra large latte and scone and not feeling guilty about it. 

It means opening a bottle of wine on a weeknight and staying up past your (self-instated) bedtime to chat like you used to when you were dating.  It means using real vanilla beans in your morning coffee or in the whipped cream on the apple crostada you whipped up on a Wednesday night. 

It means whipping up an apple crostada on a Wednesday night.  It means folding your towels just right so they fit in the linen closet neatly. 

Sometimes living well takes extra effort. 

 Sometimes it takes less effort.

It means making the bed not because it will make your room look tidy, but because it will feel good to get into that night.

It means having seasonal flowers planted in pots on your front steps and a wreath on your front door that makes the house look cheery when you come home from the grocery store everyday. 

It means putting a single flower on your bedside table (or beside the rocking chair in the nursery) so you can smell it when you wake up.

I believe the art of living well is found in between the big moments- those little opportunities we have to make life special.