I saw my neighbor's wisteria in bloom earlier this week which was my signal to get back over to Harvard so I could check out that huge wisteria I showed you a few weeks ago.

It was well worth the trip.  Enjoy.

Click to enlarge.

I wish I could offer scratch and sniff.

The scent filled the damp morning air.

This was the shot I took about three weeks ago for the New England Home blog post.

This is the same shot this morning.

Someone tipped me off that there was another great one around the corner so I thought I'd wander these new-to-me streets to look for it.

I found another Greek Revival I didn't know about.
This one looks like a developer got their hands on it at some point.

Look what's happened.

It looks like a few condos have been added.  The underground parking is nice detail, right?

I think this must be the place but it's not yet in full bloom.  This has a Western exposure so it might be a little behind the others that have a Southern exposure.  

How pretty is this Colonial Revival?  The white tulips are perfect.  And as they fade away, a row of hydrangea must fill in a meet the boxwood hedge.  I'd love to come back and see this in the summer.  I've wanted to add a low hedge like this along the front of my house to people from letting their dogs pee on my hydrangea.

A beautiful Eastern Redbud just coming into bloom.  

The birthplace of poet e.e. cummings.

I wouldn't have known that but the Historical Commission places
these signs on notable properties around the city.

And directly across the street...


...is the former home of a famous Cambridge resident.

I'm sure you know her if not love her.

It's the one and only...

Julia Child in her Cambridge kitchen.  Photo by Arnold Newman.

Julia Child.

I'm glad you asked me to come back.  I really enjoyed my walk this morning and I got to visit several new streets I didn't know before.