I was making good progress on the bedroom but I've hit a few road blocks.  I decided to use the drapes and rods from the living room but the rods are too big for one of the windows.  I'm missing some hardware for the bed and West Elm says they're not selling the bed anymore so they don't have it.  (Maybe it's because it was all missing the hardware?)  I also decided to move the chairs from the dining room so the possibility of an accident with red wine or tomato sauce is eliminated.

But when I started to remove these things from the living room and dining room, I came to a realization.  I like them better.  Less is more.  

I like this cleaner look.

So I've been on a major cleaning and paring down binge.  Closets are being cleared out.  Dresser drawers are being emptied.  I bought 14 plastic bins and I'm sorting through every last thing in the house and basement.  Sell.  Donate.  Discard.

In the front bedroom, the bamboo blinds are down.  The bedskirt is gone.

Nothing left but the bed, the dresser, a chair.  

I need a better bedside table but I might only add
a wall sconce and a reading lamp in the corner.

I think it's perfect for summer at least.

I'm not sure where this new desire to scale everything down is coming from
but it's liberating and I'm going with it.

The rest of the house is a disaster.  Sorting through everything is a big job.
The basement is packed full of things left over from projects and renovations.
So I'll be around but probably won't be posting for a little while.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!

I'm also linking to Nita's Mod Mix Monday.