Ever since I saw local designer Katie Rosenfeld's post on her mother's pillows, I realized I need to step up my game.  In my house, throw pillows usally become cat hair magnets.  But not wanting to be shown up by anyone's mom, my competitive juices kicked in and I set out in search of some pillow magic.

I've never been a big fan of suzanis but butchered up, I found myself lingering on some of the bold graphic ones. 

I'm not really into the boho thing, but these patchwork pillow covers are kind of fun too. 

Some of them even remind me of the work of famous artists.

This one reminds me of Mattise's work.

Matisse collage
Doesn't it?

This pillow uses a bird shape cut from a suzani and appliqued to linen. 

Which made me immediately think of George Braque's birds.

All of these pillows can be found on etsy by searching "suzani pillow."

What do you think?  Love 'em or leave 'em?

Be sure to check out Katie's mom's place.  I think she's really talented.