If you happen to be taking a backroad shortcut from Walden Pond through the woods to the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Mass., you'll most likely buzz past this modern house tucked among the old Colonials.  Since I learned about the Walter Gropius house in Lincoln, I've wanted to go take a tour of this National Historic Landmark.   

Walter Gropius, if not a familiar name, was the founder of the Bauhaus School of architecture whose faculty included Paul Klee, Josef Albers and Wassily Kandinsky to name a few.

Gropius escaped Nazi Germany in 1937 and came to Cambridge where he
taught at the Harvard School of Design with Marcel Breuer.
I'm sure you know Breuer's Wassily and Cesca chairs even if
you're not familiar with his architecture.

Gropius' house in Lincoln was built in 1938.

The sculpture in front of the house is by Richard Filipowski
and was installed by Gropius in the 1950s.

The sculpture is titled "Winter Pine."

Side of house looking into the living room and upstairs deck.

View of rear of house.  The oak was planted when the house was built.

Interior photos of the house are not allowed on the tour but I've
borrowed a few from the Historic New England website.

The house has been maintained as it was at the time of Gropius' death in 1969.

Just inside the front door is Gropius' office. 
The chairs are Saarinen.

The living room with picture windows that beautifully frame a
view of the back yard and forest beyond.

The chair is a Saarinen Womb chair.
I should have asked about the white leather sofa because I loved it.

View from the dining room looking back in to the living room.

See the little vents just below the dining room windows?  Gropius had a second heating system just to keep the windows frost-free in the wintertime.

The kitchen is very fun.  Small but adequate.

Another windows that frames a view of the landscape.

One of the period bathrooms.

Notice the typical Bauhaus palette of black, white, gray and red.

The dressing room and master bedroom is set up as if his wife Ise would
be right back to get ready to entertain guests that evening.

Her Merimekko dress is laid out on the bed.

A shot of daughter Ati's room.  I love that wall light!

View of the back of the house.

I would highly recommend taking the tour; it's a 1969 moment frozen in time. 

A one-hour tour is $10.

Gropius House
68 Baker Bridge Road
Lincoln, Mass. 01773

It's privately owned (so not open to the public) but just down the road is
the Marcel Breuer house.  It's well worth a walk down the road just to see it.