Sometimes I still can't believe we sat next to the Barefoot Contessa at dinner last year when we visited the Hamptons... I just had to share this post again!  Thanks for re-reading some of my favorite posts lately - Emma and I have been taking a little Summer break this week!  I'm working on some home projects (lots of spray paint and stripping wood involved) that I'll be sharing next week.  Oh, and I'm trying to convince Mike to build me a giant wood bed... I'm hoping he'll be able to copy the Pottery Barn Sommerset Bed.  Check back soon for all of those updates!

We had dinner and drinks at The 1770 House.  The parlor was so handsome and cozy...  For dinner, we were seated in "The Tavern" of the restaurant - the basement of the antique house was dark, cozy, and candlelit - not stuffy at all.

We happened to be seated right next to The Barefoot Contessa herself!

This is Ina Garten's (The Barefoot Contessa) favorite spots... she had this signed copy in the parlor - she's used a couple of her favorite recipes from the restaurant (1770 House) in her book (ex. meatloaf).

To our absolute thrill and shock, we were seated at the next table over from hers!  We didn't want to interrupt her dinner with Jeffrey and her friends (two other couples), so we abstained from taking any photos or saying 'hi' - even-though it nearly killed me!  I was just concentrating on acting normal - I could hardly think of anything else.

It was so interesting to see her in one of her favorite spots enjoying an intimate dinner with friends - just witnessing her was a pleasure.   Their evening was just as I imagined it would be - they had boisterous conversations, were laughing plenty, and she invited them all over for drinks at their home at around 10pm.

One of the best part of the weekend was driving around and seeing some of the beautiful homes - many owned by famous people.

Martha Stewart's Home on Lily Pond :

This is Martha Stewart's East Hampton home she calls "Lily Pond" because it is located on famous Lily Pond Lane - one of the most elite addresses in East Hampton.  

I knew it was hers because of the "Martha" blue/green gates and trim.  I love it.

This is Lily Pond Lane - the trees are stunning, even without leaves.  I can't wait to visit in the Summer to see everything in bloom!

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