Emma has been a busy girl.  She took on the task of packing up our wedding china today.  You might be thinking... weren't you worried that a 7-month-old infant wouldn't pack your dishes properly so they wouldn't break during the move?  I'll admit, at first I was a skeptical, but when I saw her technique, I knew our wedding gifts would make it safely all the way back to Kansas City.

Place felt round on top of plate. 

Put each plate in a bubble wrap sleeve.

 Smile.  Packing is fun!  Bang your wooden spoon with enthusiasm.

When you've packed 4 plates in bubble sleeves, stack them and wrap them tightly with plastic wrap.  This is a tip I Emma learned from rental companies.  When you receive rental china it all comes tightly wrapped in plastic wrap to keep it from clanging together.  

Next, wrap the plastic wrapped bundles with foam to protect the edges. 

Powder Blue Gold Rimmed Anna Wheatherly plates are done...

Now she's moving on to the Spode Woodlands collection.

She ran out of individual bubble sleeves, so she zig-zagged the foam sheeting between the plates, then wrapped in plastic and more foam.

She especially loved the little birdies on the salad plates. 


Next the stacks got packed into boxes.  The bottom is filled with crumpled unprinted newsprint - you can by reams of newsprint very inexpensively at packing stores.  

In go the wrapped dishes, separated by layers of crumpled paper. 

The top is topped off with extra paper to make sure it is packed tight and snug inside to prohibit the dishes from moving.  

Top with the top and label.  

 These are from Rasa Orchards - the orchard of a family friend.  These apple boxes are perfect for moving - they are strong enough to hold a big load of apples!