The drive from "downtown" Kennebunk down Summer Street (Routes 35 and 9A) over to Old House Parts has some of the most fantastic old houses around.  I've never found a good place to pull over and gawk so I thought I'd park in town and set out on foot with camera.

 Just on the short walk from my parking place around the corner to Summer Street, I've seen three houses from the late 1700s.  This 1796 Colonial has a loooong ell off the back that connects the house to a barn/garage.  It's also for sale.

Almost next door is another house being spruced up for sale.

I love painted brick and the decorative work on this place is stunning.

The side porch.

If you'd like to see interior photos, here's the actual listing.


There isn't a single blade of grass out of place, a flake of paint, a dead flower. 

I'm sure every day is sunny and perfect here.

Love all the pilasters across the front.  I love an all white house but I think I'd paint the body of the house a color that accentuated all the pilasters and beautiful moldings.

Just a few quoins.

I'm a sucker for any house with a cupola.

Another one that's pristine.

Every last piece looks brand-new.  Also for sale.

Many of these go on forever with long ells between the house and barns.  I'm pretty sure the trash cans are some kind of violation.

I would expect that these homes are some the loviest in town.  I'd really love to explore a little more to see for myself.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!