So here we are.  The bedroom problem only started with the bed breaking.  When the bed leg broke, it scratched the paint off the floor.  I started pulling at the scratched paint to discover it didn't adhere to the turquoise paint underneath.  It peels off like a bad sunburn.  I think the only cure at this point is to have it sanded down.  

Somewhere in the process of trying to make the room more sophisticated, it's lost its joy.  I much preferred the fun color on the floor, the wallpaper and the funky furniture.  It lost its groove.

Oh, and the walls are also peeling.  

These aren't places I plastered over but new places where the many layers of paint are just cracking and peeling off the plaster.  I suspect a moisture problem and, if it is, I know the culprit.

Most of the peeling is in the vicinity of this old chimney.  The chimney is no longer used for anything and it's slated to come off.  When the kitchen is remodeled, there will be a double window placed over a new sink in the kitchen right where the chimney is.

Taking it down won't be a big deal but it mushrooms into a much larger project.  The chimney goes through the eave of the house so that would have to be replaced, the roof would have to repaired or replaced, the siding would have to be fixed and the new window should be put in.  I first need to get a variance to replace the window.

I think I need to lick my wounds a little longer and figure out what I'm going to do with this mess.  It's summer, it's hot and I have no inspiration.

* * * * *

In other news, I've gotten a CRAZY amount to traffic recently on my old Tom Ka Soup post all because of the photo on Pinterest.  It's amazing the power of that Pinterest.

Over 11,000 hits and counting.  To capitalize on the success of that post, I'm working on a sequel:  Tom Ka Soup (The Vegan Remix).  After a little testing I think I've come up with a delicous broth that makes you not miss the fish sauce.  It's a little hot for a soup post but I'm really enjoying working on the food photos.