A business colleague of mine was married on Saturday and I thought
I would share some of the beautiful flowers.

The flowers were done by the inimitable Shelley from Bow Street Flowers.  

The centerpiece on the buffet table.

On the right is the top layer of the cake with its sugar orchids.

My favorite was the bride's nosegay.  Isn't it beautiful?

The fall flowers are also all across the city.

Our urban garden center has switched seasons almost overnight.

There are seas of mums...

...pumpkins and grasses...

...and a large variety of cabbages and ornamental kale.

I love going to the garden center in the rain.  There's no one there and 
I have the whole place to myself.

It's almost like a walk in the country.

I'm sure there are plenty more fall flowers at Jane's party.


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